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Why Did
We Build 

Antion. Lab

Meaning of Antion:

You are a deep thinker and drawn to the mysteries of life. You prefer to work free from outside authority or supervision and are happiest on your own where you can put your ingenious ideas into practical use without interference from others.

If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original



-Ken Robinson-

This is a resource for your design and a platform to connect you with other designers around the world. We will host design challenges, online courses, podcasts and guest speakers to talk about their journey in any field. We want to focus on connecting designers, developers and creative minds. Furthermore, let's connect, socialize, collaborate and solve as many problems as we can.

Because we are Antion. 

  3 sections within Antion  

How does it work?


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Each week there is an Assignments personalized just for you by our Mentors. Finish every week's assignment and readings by the due date.  

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Send it to your Mentor and Get graded. Collect all the points necessary to pass a course.


Become Antion.  Certified

Download your Certificate, Redeem Rewards and continue learning or just join our meetup platform to connect to other designers or clients.

Find Your First Client

Use our Mentors to build your brand, your portfolio and find your own very first client in the field. 



Our Meetup is where most of the Hands-on-Experience workshops are set up the way that we can provide the best service to every single member; so we need you to RSVP before the set date. 

The Lab.

Our lab is where most of the creative, and Innovation happens. This is where we experiment with a lot of features and try to design without any limitations or laws. We just experiment because we are the creators of this world. For more info and understand the concept please watch the MIT Design Lab or get familiar with IDEO Methodology. 
This is a no Judgment area and we all create, design and approach bigger issues of our cities, State, Country and around the world. 

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Design Lab. 

Psychology in UX

 Workshop #1  Coming Soon

Time: TBA

Psychology has a huge effect on our lives. There are multiple psychology studies and Laws that make any design better and understand humans better before designing any online tool. Designing web and app needs an understanding of users and apply those understanding in design and we have the people on our team to teach you these laws and methods.

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The Creative Lab

 Workshop #1  

Time: TBA

Our Creative lab is an open source for any designer to come in and enjoy the mixture of Art, Design, and Technology without any rules or regulations. This is a place to design, share ideas, and collaborate with others by eliminating the boundaries and expectations we can create and innovate new features, animation, and Interaction. 

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Adobe XD Masterclass

 Workshop #1 

Time: TBA

Adobe XD is a vector-based user experience design tool for web apps and mobile applications, developed and published by Adobe Inc. It is available for macOS and Windows, This software has been replaced by a lot of companies and replaced software such as Sketch and Figma.

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1pm - 5pm

9am - 10am

Meet & Greet

10am - 12pm

Keynote Speakers

 Main Auditorium 

12pm - 1pm

Lunch Break

Workshop Sessions

 Havana Convention Room 

7pm - 12am

Closing Party

 The Ball Room 

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Our Sponsors are every single one you who are supporting this program and this vision. We could only start by initiating and spreading an idea. The rest is about you spreading the love and our vision. By getting support back from you all we can make this our mission. Let's all get involved to learn, create, and build our better future. 

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