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Here is an overview of this course

Adobe XD

We are so glad you made a decision to take this course. This is a hands-on-course and it is a live online course. We believe the live course can be more effective to answer some of your questions as well as teaching you the course. 

Note from your Instructor; 

Matin Mohammadi is a UX Designer and Innovative researcher. I was an instructor at U.C Berkeley SF teaching Prototyping and Diagramming as well as mentoring and helping students grow and break into the field. I am a mentor on ADPList, Antion Lab, and UC Berkeley.  I worked for a variety of industries such as the Government ( U.S Army, National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency, Omni Federal, etc) as well as the Commercial & Startup sector ( Aceit Strategy, Creative Circle, etc). My goal and passion is to learn what we can do with XD and help designers expand their knowledge in the field.  

" 10 Days Course, 3 Portfolio Ready Prototype for your Resume and Portfolio + Rewards and Recognition "

Each week you will have a topic and subject to read through. At the end of every week, you will take a short quiz (3-5 questions) and if passed you will collect points and rewards to open an assignment. After finishing your assignment, you will get the reading materials for the following week but you can't move on to the new assignment until your previous assignment is graded by our mentor. Collect and earn points and rewards to earn cash, recognition, discounts, and a lot more prizes. 

" Collect Points and Rewards & Redeem for Discounted Courses, Rewards, Cash, and Recognitions "

Here is a breakdown of all the days and what we are working on each day :

Day 1 

Introduction to XD and other softwares

Day 2

Getting Started (Artboard, Grid System, ...)

Day 3

Design System and How to build a Design System

Day 4 

Working with Images and Text

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Day 5

Symbols, Components and States

Day 6

Plug-ins and how to use them

Day 7

Applying User Centered Design

Day 8

Responsive Design

Day 9

Prototype ( Low-Fi to Hi-Fi )

Day 10

Share, Present, Deliver, Publish

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