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Here is an overview of this course

User Experience (UX) Design

We are so glad you made a decision to change your life by taking the first step in becoming successful. We have had the same path. We can relate to you 100% and we can guide you. This is going to be the best 11 weeks of your journey to becoming whom you want to be. We will have lots of assignments, readings, quizzes, design and create sessions. This course is 100% customized for you however the order of what you will learn is the same. 

" 11 weeks, 3 Portfolio Ready Projects, Resume and Portfolio, Rewards and Recognition "

Each week you will have a topic and subject to read through. At the end of every week, you will take a short quiz (3-5 questions) and if passed you will collect points and rewards to open an assignment. After finishing your assignment, you will get the reading materials for the following week but you can't move on to the new assignment until your previous assignment is graded by our mentor. Collect and earn points and rewards to earn cash, recognition, discounts, and a lot more prizes. 

" Collect Points and Rewards & Redeem for Discounted Courses, Rewards, Cash, and Recognitions "

Here is an example of the layout for someone who is focusing only on UX Design:

Week 1 

Introduction to UX

Week 2

What is UX Research

Week 3

Define the problem and the Goal

Week 4 

Understand the users in depth

Week 5

Understand developers and basic coding

Week 6

Approach real problems with pen and paper

General Information for all courses

All courses are Free for Antion Members. By becoming a member you are helping us grow and help us build the Mission that we have. In return, we give you perks to study, create, design and educate yourself for a price of one. However, you may take any course individually as well (No strings attached)

All courses are customized based on your needs. eg. If your background is in graphic design we will minimize that in the UX course so you only get what you need. Our mentors spend a minimum of a week to collaborate and design the course just for your needs. 

All the courses are online and self-paced. It is all up to your schedule. We will give you a recommended due date but as soon as you pass one section or assignment you will get the following week's assignment. You will download all the files needed so you can keep them forever. 

Collect points, rewards, and badges and use them for discounts, recognition, rewards, and much more. We have made a platform to make sure you get something back. Collect Certificates that we offer and redeem cash or bonuses. 

Participate in our slack channel to get feedback, network and connect with other designers worldwide.  Networking with other designers is the most valuable perk of our job. There is no competition and we all design with passion and love. These connections give us more clients over time (and sometimes more friends around the world).

Repeat the process to collect more points, Rewards, Certs and get yourself updated in the field. Always remember the accomplishment feeling. We make sure you get satisfied with every course that you take. 

Week 7

User Centered Design

Week 8

Design Process

Week 9

Visual Design and Design Systme

Week 1 0

Analytics and Collecting Marketing ata

Week 11

Finalize and Publish

By signing up you will send us your information and one of our mentors will connect with you regarding your interests. We try to connect with you in less than 24 hours.   :)